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Ascendant Marketing Group Helps Clients Reduce Debt

July 15, 2018
Ascendant Marketing Group is a marketing company that has demonstrated a high level of skill at helping businesses generate potential customers. They are quite talented when it comes to making themselves useful to businesses, especially those who specialize in assisting clients in reducing or eliminating high-interest debt, to make their finances far more manageable. For employees of Ascendant Marketing Group, they have done all they can to create a fun and productive environment, which employees then provide to their clients. Ascendant Marketing Group provides qualified and productive leads to companies in the businesses of mortgage refinance, debt consolidation and auto financing. This way, these companies are better able to build their companies and make them more productive and profitable.

The experienced and knowledgeable business professionals with Ascendant Marketing Group know quite well that everyone has to make their mortgage, auto loan, student loan and credit card payments every month, but they also know life would be much easier for most if they they were able to pay a single amount every month that would cover everything and fit well within their budget.

Well, that is exactly what Ascendant Marketing Group clients do, and they provide leads and other resources to help them do that even better. They can show people all sorts of ways to find financial resources that allow them the freedom to consolidate all their debts into one loan, usually at a far more affordable interest rate. For example, they know that the average homeowner gained more than $15,000 in home equity over the past year, and many homeowners have been accumulating equity for years. Right now, mortgage interest rates are far lower than most rates on unsecured debt like credit cards and auto loans, which means great savings for most homeowners.